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  • Daft Punk Officially Retire in 'Epilogue' Music Vid February 22, 2021
    Daft Punk -- the popular house music duo known for wearing helmets on stage and acting like robots -- have officially called it quits, and did so in a fittingly dramatic fashion. The French pair, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter,… Permalink
  • New Orleans' Saddest Mardi Gras, Completely Empty Due to COVID February 16, 2021
    Mardi Gras is a muted scene in 2021 due to coronavirus cancellations of almost all the festivities New Orleans is famous for this time of year ... and it's an eerie sight. Bars are closed, Bourbon Street's blocked off, there are no parades ... and… Permalink
  • Bucs' Cameron Brate On Boat Trophy Toss, Woulda Had to Retire If I Dropped It! February 11, 2021
    Tampa Bay Bucs tight end Cameron Brate knew the stakes were high when Tom Brady drunkenly threw him the Lombardi Trophy ... saying his career woulda been OVER if he missed the catch! "If I had dropped that? I think I would've had to retire," Brate… Permalink
  • Super Bowl Streaker Hit Strip Club After Game, Dragged Off Stage February 10, 2021
    The guy who streaked at Super Bowl 55 hit the strip club after he was released from custody -- and worked the pole so hard, he was DRAGGED off the stage!!! ... while still wearing his thong bathing suit! 31-year-old Yuri Andrade rolled into the… Permalink
  • Rob Gronkowski & GF Camille Kostek Dance with Rap Stars At Post-Game Victory Bash! February 8, 2021
    How does Gronk celebrate a Super Bowl?! DANCE PARTY!!! The Bucs tight end and his girlfriend, Camille Kostek, got on stage at the official Super Bowl afterparty at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa … where Migos and Ludacris performed for a packed… Permalink