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  • Cardi B and Offset Roll Deep with Bodyguards After American Music Awards October 10, 2018
    [[tmz:video id="0_a504xztz"]] Good luck getting anywhere near Cardi B after she has a huge night at an award show -- she was rolling real DEEP as she and Offset hit the club in L.A. to celebrate her American Music Awards victories. They rolled into… Permalink
  • Dillon Danis Went Clubbing After UFC 229 Brawl, Says Brian Ortega October 9, 2018
    [[tmz:video id="0_9cgrzpus"]] Conor McGregor's teammate, Dillon Danis, didn't let a swollen face and head injuries keep him from having a good time after UFC 229 ... in fact, he went to the nightclub after his scrap with Khabib! And, how do we know?… Permalink
  • Houston Astros Go Champagne Crazy After Sweeping Indians in ALDS October 8, 2018
    [[tmz:video id="0_0ioqdgro"]] The Houston Astros are back in the ALCS for the second year in a row ... but they're celebrating like it's their first time -- drenching their locker room with TONS of beer and champagne!! The 'stros just finished off their… Permalink
  • Lil Wayne Hauled Ass After Shooting Scare at Atlanta Show October 8, 2018
    [[tmz:video id="0_xz0rpf7c"]] Lil Wayne was NOT about to wait around to figure out whether shots had really been fired at his concert this weekend -- he assumed it happened, and got the hell OUT of Dodge. TMZ got this video of Wayne being whisked away… Permalink
  • Kanye West & Chance the Rapper Share Daddy Duty with Kids at Sugar Factory October 7, 2018
    [[tmz:video id="0_nrjweas5"]] Kanye West and Chance the Rapper are dads about town in Chicago right now -- ready to turn up on a moment's notice ... with their two toddlers nearby to make it even sweeter. Ye was back in Chicago this weekend, and on… Permalink