The Yard Sale Extravaganza 

The Yard Sale Extravaganza

Along the 15 Mile stretch on Highway 19 in Citrus County,

It’s a Yard Sale Extravaganza!!

Yard Sales are located on “Official Yard Sale Sites”, offering lots of vendors in a particular location with good parking!!! 

(Please don’t park in right a way! SALES are not in R of W!!)

Official Vendors are located on an Official Siteor a Business along the route. Both will be marked by “Official” signage &

on the Event Happenings Google Map.

Starts @ where ever YOU want!!

Runs from Homosassa to Crystal River!

Sales may be on both sides! Each day can be different !

Don’t come early…PLEASE let the vendors set up (first day anyway:)!!

Friday & Saturday 8-4+, Sunday 8-2

 NOVEMBER 10, 11 & 12th, 2017 !!

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